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Mr. Ogle

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Valley Head is my first teaching job, and the experience I have gained in the short time I have been here has been amazing. All the years of hard work and time I put into gaining my Bachelor's Degree from Athens State University has been well worth the effort in order to get to this point of my life. My family has been great to support me in this endeavor of my life so I could start a new career path. I enjoy many hobbies such as coaching, spending time with my friends and family, and doing activities with my church family. I am a deacon and a preacher at Lebanon Baptist Church where I have been a member since I was 17. Football has always been a passion of mine whether it be coaching at Valley Head or cheering on the Crimson Tide on Saturdays. I look forward to the opportunities that Valley Head will provide me while I am here to educate the children of this great community.

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